Chasing Water Across the Land

My first assignment given to me by Bruce, one of my tutors at KCC was to take an already decided route across London, my destination The Photographer’s Gallery  to meet a man I had never met before……another tutor, Steve.

The assignment named The Journey was not only an exercise about photography but also about timing and punctuality.


I decided to call this assignment “Chasing Water Across the Land!” because for me, I relate to water as your dreams in a metaphoric way. You can either follow the gentle stream that will take its time but is completely safe and you will eventually arrive at you destination, or you could dive head first into the huge boisterous waves that desperately try to push you back to land where your dreams will once again stand still!

The story that I have collaborated with these 10 images goes something like this!

Where there is water with waves and gentle movement to carry you gently away, there is land where buildings stand tall and as motionless as the death that will become of those who only stand still.

The child sat on her cloud of dreams as she peered down upon the world, the innocence in her eyes brightening everything still for if there is no water where is the dream?

The Mother and Father so determined to be able to provide for the basic needs that the child must have, long forgotten how their own childhood was wrapped in the swirling waves of dreams. The angst on both faces where no longer the spray of deep aspiration can be reached!

Will Liberty bring freedom from restriction and control?

Or will Chasing Water Across the Land no longer exist?

And our dreams hang high in the sky?



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