My first attempt at a Street Photography Assignment

The assignment:

Shoot from the hip. Dont lift the camera. Hold it low by your belly. Try to focus manually of a distance of up to one metre:

The outcome:

I was happy with a couple of images until i saw them on the computer screen. they were to bluured, my own fault.

The two images below were taken with a 35mm lens at f/8. The shutter speed was incorrect, it should have been at least 1/125 but i had mine on 1/60. i wanted a faster speed so that i could cature movement without blurring. A simple mistake which i hadnt check properly. The ISO was at 400, for me that was fine as it was a clear afternoon.

The two best images:

The photo of the young boy is my favourite although blurred. I like the angle and the spontaneous timing of this image.

The mature lady leaves me curious, wondering what exactly is she thinking as she walks past the railings ignoring those in front.

favourite                      favourite 1

   The 2nd Assignment

Staying in One Place for Forty Minutes:

Find a place and stay there for forty minutes. Be a bee not a flower! Think of Breeson’s image where the man jumps the ladder! (No pressure then!)

This is where I found myself un-knowledgeable when it really did come to the nitty gritty of street photography. I spent most of the afternoon struggling to find an appropriate area to stay and photograph the street and its people. I still have so much to learn.

Once I had found an easy yet suitable area, most of the afternoon had gone by and I didnt have forty minutes that I could spend there. (Really, that was a blessing in disguise!) I had eventually found a small green where people cut through, shortening their journey from A-B, where children skipped behind the parent on their way from school and where the dog walkers let their animals roam freely, taking no notice of the bustling on the street or the heavy traffic ahead of them. A popular green you would think until I brought out my camera and all of a sudden the people disappeared as if aliens had abducted them!

I did manage to grab a few images, but nothing amazing appeared. I was as bored taking them as I was looking at them. But I did learn that for street photography you need time, patience and also be bloody quick but once that moment has gone, it will never come back.

This is the only image i feel worthy of showing. As spontaneous as it was, i felt the composition was the best out of all the other images.

favourite 2

And Finally:

The highlight of my afternoon.

On the way back to the college I came across a lonely somewhat pregnant creature trying to make its way across to the other side. Bemused and curious I knew I had to get in close and photograph quickly, this was my chance for an ‘In your face’ challenge, and with my heart beating I lay on the ground as close as i possibly dared to get as I still had the 35mm lens and no time to change. I was being intrusive, surley i would get some back lash? No, I was fast, ‘Snap and away’ was my motto for the day and I proved it right here. My subject was probably unaware of my fears and silently laughing at me guessing I wouldnt shut up about this image for the rest of the day. Why? Look at the image and I think you will find your answer!

favourite 3

I thought spiders were my worst nightmare until street photography came along. Now I realise I have less of a fear for spiders and more of a fear of people!

Isnt it amazing what you learn from photography!


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