Fabrication and Irregularities

 I am yet another statistic

001 as Smart Object-1

A number throughout life

002 as Smart Object-1

As I battle not to be you

003 as Smart Object-1

I struggle to find what is right

005 as Smart Object-1

And even when I am wrong

006 as Smart Object-1

I know one thing will never change

009 as Smart Object-1

The hand that raises and writes false hope

010 as Smart Object-1

Will always win and I will never gain

I am currently studying for my BTEC National Diploma Level 3 at Kensington and Chelsea. This was my major project for unit 29. It was for locations. Locations could be anywhere be it a room, a house, a street, a town.

My project is more psycological and about what goes on in the ‘location of the mind’. A childhood disrupted by locations constantly changing and not through choice. Its about how those changes and the people along the way, slip nervously along with the rest of the memories into the back of the mind, only to come out with the fear that the nightmare will never stop. But each dream slightly changes and the true struggle begins…..Where Fabrication and Irregularities become the worst nightmare of them all!


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