Marlo Broekmans

The Wheel of the Female Christ

Marlo Broekmans was born in Hoorn, Holland, 1953. She studied at Pedagogic Academy from 1970-1973, and from 1973-1977 she studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

In 1978 she began working as a freelance photographer.

From 1979-1981, Broekmans worked closely with Diana Blok.The pair formed a unique photographic duo who developed into a well-known body of works. This co-operation culminated with the publication of the book ‘Invicible Forces.’

Basing their work mainly on self-portraiture, they related totally in conception and composition of ideas, sharing roles as photogfrapher and model.

THey concurred in the darkroom as well as in business of selling the final product.

Invisible Forces was exhibited world wide impacting the public as well as influencing many artists at the time.

Marlo was one of my first inspirations as an artist and a photographer. I find her work exhillerating and a joy to view.

tumblr_l9sgckqtsh1qzfvn2The Wheel of the Female Christ-Marlo Broekmans and Diana Blok


Invisible Forces


Salome-Marlo Broekmans and Diana Blok

chadorChador-Marlo Broekmans and Diana Blok


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