My age is no excuse, I generally have or should I say had…..a phobia of anything digital which sometimes did include my I-phone!

This was the first unit that made me decide I wanted to quit. Why? Because normally when my tutor teaches something I remember it with ease, (She is a bit regimental which makes it a whole lot easier for me!) There was no way my brain wanted to register anything about Photoshop or in-depth ACR no matter how many times she repeated herself. I had met my nightmare face to face.

But you know, the work had to be done, I didnt really want to throw my student fees away and sometimes you just have to say to yourself “Keep going, it doesnt matter if you get it or not, follow the instructions and get the work done!” So I did and to my surprise, (as well as the tutor’s!) these final images have become my ‘babies’ and I sure as hell aint ready to shoot them down yet Steve Mepstead!

This however doesnt make me a huge user of Photoshop, i’m still not into the whole manupilating, moving things over and deleting parts of the image, and anything else that Photoshop can fantastically do, I’m old skool and i think if its not there when I shoot it, then it cant be used.

The Manipulated Union

CTC Final 1 CTC Final 2 CTC Final 3 CTC Final 4 CTC Final 5 CTC Final 6 CTC Final 7 CTC Final 8


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