Wheels In Motion-My Final Street Photography Assignment

The joy of knowing that this project is now over is a huge relief but also one of slight confusion.

My original idea was to photograph smokers, to try to show the veiwer how difficult it can be sometimes being a smoker with so many rules. (I am not a smoker by the way!)

But this project proved quite problematic as well as some times abusive. They didnt want to be photographed and made sure I knew that.

After several attempts I gave up and sat with help as I wondered what there was I could possibly do. I was given the idea of cyclists, there are so many ways you can portray them.

I wanted to give an insight on all sides which included the Driver, The Cyclist and the pedestrian. Each one has something to moan about with each other. But it was the cyclists that interested me more.

I spent my time in and around Central London focusing on areas where there would be many cyclists. I wasn’t left disappointed and even managed to capture a few surprises including an exeptionally rude cyclist who cycled straight through a photo shoot involving a bride and groom!

These are my final images for my project.

The Wheels in Motion

Untitled 01 001 as Smart Object-1 Untitled 02 Untitled 03 Untitled 04 010 as Smart Object-1 011 as Smart Object-1 012 as Smart Object-1 013 as Smart Object-1 Untitled 05 015 as Smart Object-1 016 as Smart Object-1 018 as Smart Object-1 028 as Smart Object-1 031 as Smart Object-1 035 as Smart Object-1 NIK_3642 as Smart Object-1


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