Greek Gods and Goddesses

For me our studio unit was great from day one. I knew there would be a major project to produce at the end of the unit and had ideas swimming round my head before the end of the first day.

We had to produce four still life and four portraits for this unit. I wanted to originally do a project connected with tarot cards.I chose this idea because I like to be able to set the stage and show things in a different light but with the same meaning. I spent a few days researching but I wasnt getting that feeling that I normally get when i’m excited about making a project and how it would work, and seeing as studio is one of my favourite subjects I really wanted to have that buzzing feeling that I get when I am doing something I really enjoy.

It was actually my kids that gave me the idea of producing a project on the greek gods. They knew it would also be a good way of thanking somebody for all their help.

I thought this was a great plan but I didnt expect to find it as hard as i did to chose two gods and two goddesses. It took me nearly a month to decide and to do this i had to take into account what my models looked like and how I could incoporate this into making them a mythological character.


Dominique as Nike

Nike: My first choice. After doing my research I found out that Nike was represented sports, athletics and victory. She was very close to Athena and although she didnt have her own animal to represent her, she was recognised for having Athena’s owl around her.

As you can see, I chose my model carefully, mainly because of her physique as well as being able to look very competitive.



Apollo: The god of the Sun, youth and love. But also a bit of a dark horse, as innocent as he looked with his youthfulness, Apollo could turn into a vicious god. The animals that represented Apollo were the Dolphins.

Apollo was chosen as one of my gods after my tutor suggested that my youngest son would be the perfect model being a young teenager with a young face. I was so impressed with his modelling. I know he has modelled for me many times but he knew this this was a huge project for me and delivered what i was looking for.



Posideon: God of the Sea. Represented by Pegesus, the horse with wings. When we think of Posideon, we either think of an old man with long curly hair and a white beard. (Or you could be thinking of the film about the ship that sank!) But in my case, I was looking for a younger model with a strong build and dark looks. Who could of been a better model than my eldest son.

Our first shoot went terrible, I wasnt relaxed and neither was my model. The images were the worst I could imagine, nothing like how I wanted it to be. My only choice was to find time to re-do the shoot. We didnt have to long but somehow we managed to pull the second shoot off and produce an image that I was really happy with.



Artemis: Daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. Goddess of the Moon. Artemis was represented by the bear. This could be because she was also known as the goddess of Hunt, wild animals and wilderness.

Artemis was perfect for my final part of the project. Not only in character was she related to Apollo as his sister, but the model, who is my daughter is also the sister of the model who played Apollo. A perfect link to the perfect ending. Another reason I chose my daughter is for her pale skin and with Artemis being goddess of the moon, she was also kknown to have pale skin.

I was actually really proud of this project and managed to get the images close to how I saw them in my mind, having a good idea on how i wanted the lighting to reflect not only the models, but also the background.


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