Life Drawings

I found our Life Drawing session enjoyable and also a change from photography. It was also a great way to learn more about lighting and tones.

Our first task was to draw lines that we could see on an image. You would think it was easy enough but I saw many lines and could have kept going till the image was full of them.IMG_5781I decided that I didnt want to cover my image with lines and stoped after drawing several. I think I managed to find the main lines that helped create the composition of this image.

We then moved on to our life model. We were all arranged into a circle.Our first task, LINES! Looking at our model we were to draw the lines that we saw, i.e from his knee to his elbow, from shoulder to hand etc. Any that were noticeable. Our model was arranged into a certain position for this task and the light was moved so that we all had a different view.


Then using our lines we were asked to draw the outline of the model’s body


I had never drawn in this way before and I found it really interesting how quickly I was able to connect shape using line as my guide.

We then had to draw the model using a rubber. Our paper had been covered in charcol and using a rubber instead of lead, we were told to draw the lighting around the model.NIK_7855 as Smart Object-1

I was so surprised at how much I was learning about light and how it hits the body. I never thought that drawing would be such a good influence.

Below was my final image from a really good lesson. Its not about how good you are at drawing, but how you notice lighting and toning.

NIK_7870 as Smart Object-1


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