A photomontage is the process of joing two or more photographs/images to create a new image.

A couple of well known photomontage photographers.

Greta Stern:

Her photomontages called Suenos (dreams) are an ideal conjuction between Dada collage and surreal photography and she has this peculiar ability to make the impossible possible, to release feelings and fears that when looking at her work only once, is far more relieving than 10 psychologist sessions, ‘Seeing is believing’

grete-stern-dream-no-5-bottle-cast-into-the-sea-1949Above-Greta Stern-no 5 bottle cast into the sea


Above-Greta Stern-Sueno no.3 1949

Thomas Barbey has been a photographer for over 20 years. Recently he has been shooting black and white photomontages for the sole purpose of doing Fine Art.

Every single image has to pass what he likes to call the “So what?” test. If a combination of two or more negatives put together doesn’t touch him or have any particular meaning, he starts over again.

A giant clock in the middle of the ocean can be an unusual image, but if he looks at it and says “So what?” this means that image isnt good enough. However, if an ocean liner is going down a funnel-type hole and he gives it a title called Shortcut to China, it takes on a whole new meaning. It takes you into an imaginary world where you can see the captain shouting out “Fasten your seatbelts”.


Above: Thomas Barbey-Issac Newton’s Puzzling Dream


Above: Thomas Barbey-Unknown girl in the River

I really enjoyed working on this unit and produced a couple of photomontages myself that i’m quite proud off.

Below is the one I am most happy with. It is a personal peice of work that is about religion, heartache and death. You can see in the background that the devil and jesus are fighting, whilst in the middle of them both is a soul reaching for the light. The area is Beirut in a warzone area, you can then see an image of a girl laying her head on a solidier who is fading and disappearing into the rubble to be forgotton like the rest of the soldiers who fought for religion.

Religion kills everyday


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