Professional Practice

This is where we practice being professionals!

How hard can it be?

Do you know about invoices ,invoice tax, risk assesments, model release forms and clients who dont realise that communication plays a very important role in getting their photos exactly how they want them?

No?…..Neither did I!

You don’t mind if I don’t bore you to death with  taxes and invoices do you? if it is that important just google it or click on the links I kindly provided for you, because you wont find anything about them in this post!

To cut a long story short, I had already worked professionally for a lovely lady called Clare Solomon and JCWI. I worked for them because they were fightng for a cause I believe in. I knew I could put this in my workbook as I was dreading the fashion shoot that most of us students have to particpate in.

Funny thing is, when Bruce was discussing the fashion shoot with us I thought “what the hell?” and decided to go for it. So Here goes:

Photographer meets client…..client likes photographer and photographers works and agree to work with them. Agreement is made.

Client has deadline but also promises to email/text/phone and keep photographer notified of all changes.

Client does not keep photographer informed and photographer has to keep communication going and not get to stressed when client refuses to answer!

Photographer takes control and books studio

Client eventually responds that “It should be ok!”

Client agrees to meeting……fails to turn up on both occasions

Four days before shoot photographer rings client, tells them if they do not make the meeting that was arranged for two hours time then the whole thing is off. Photographer has deadlines too and not just one….but three!

Client turns up for meeting. Says everything will be ready for photo shoot, that he can find a model and will text photographer by friday, (The next day) to tell photographer model’s name.

Sunday night. (Shoot is booked for Tuesday morning at 9am.)  Still not heard from client about model and then suddenly around 11pm, photographer gets a reply to  message…..Unable to get model!

Thank god for friends and fellow students who help each other out! photographer finds model.

Day of shoot:

Client over an hour late, studio was booked for 9-11am, and is booked up straight after so no room for delays!

Photographer, assistants, (Kostas Tagkas and Hannah) and model work fantastic together and pull of shoot in 40 minutes. This is a team photograpaher would like to work with again.

Photographer no longer stressed and images complete.

Have a nice day!

A few images from the fashion shoot.

Dress designed by Stephane Koulibaly

Model: Alexa





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