The Darkroom

The Darkroom: For me it is a place for nostalgia, memories of finding peace in the dark alongside a little bit of magic that normally come to children in dreams.

Where my story unfolds but not in amazing technicolour but in black and white with the medium still needing to be found.

This year in the darkroom I was inspired by Ziad Antar whose work I found whilst at Paris Photo. Ziad had been experimenting with expired film, particularly that had expired in 1976.

My project would be similar, only using film that had expired in 1948 and then using velox gaslight paper that had also expired in 1948. Needless to say, my project was called 1948!

i have to say that I was really lucky to have a small amount of images that were not extremely clear but could be printed. There were 12 in all. Unfortunately the 1948 gaslight paper had been exposed to a small amount of light but this was enough to not pick up any of the images.

Back to the drawing board.

My tutor Bruce suggested that if I wanted the images to be seen why not print on ektalure paper. This happened to be a fantastic piece of advice as ektalure paper was considered to be around at that time although I can not find exact dates about it.

So my project could be completed. I choose 8 of the best images which were printed on ektalure AND the 1948 gaslight paper.

I chose two frames for my work. each frame would hold four images but eight prints, (Can you see the 48 connection here?)

I made my own design card for the frame so that the viewer could see what my work was called. Because I had done a little research about that year I knew that London had held the Olympics. This gave me the idea of finding five coins from different countries that had been in the Olympics that year and placing them (Using Photoshop!) in the same style as the five Olympic rings with the date on the coins in view.

Unfortunately I have no images to show you right now as my work is ready to be hung in an exhibition. Feel free to go along if you can but if not, I will eventually place images of my work here.

If you would like to come along to the exhibition where mine and all the other hard working students of 2014-2015 work can be seen, the check out the link below.



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