The World of Blogging!

I will keep this short and sweet!

For me, growing up words were not a necessity. I neither understood or could write them. For me my images whether drawings, paintings, scribbles or photographs did the talking for me.

I pressumed that everybody could read these images, after all, they are all cleverer than me!

But these last two years at college have taught me differently. I am now understanding why I need to talk, why I need to write, why I should sometimes explain what I am trying to say. And also how proud I should be for coming this far and believe me I am.

I’ve learnt that I am just as clever, that I can not assume that people can read my thoughts or images and that blogging is almost like an outlet. I am letting those who chose to read to understand a little bit about me without the fear of looking them in the eye to see if I am being judged.

Will I continue to blog? God yes! From September I will be back at Kensington and Chelsea, This time doing GCSE maths and English. Why? Because I want to go to university and study for my BA in photography.

Of course I will continue blogging because who else will listen?


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